Total Books Collected: 163

The Horn Tailed Horcruxes Team is collecting books, new or used, as a fundraiser / book drive. Our goal right now, and for the month of October, is to collect as many books as possible. 

The book drive is following the IQA's example, as they're taking part in the "Accio Books" program, lead by the Harry Potter Alliance. 

The plan is to collect books through the month of October, which will lead up to our November 2nd & 3rd book sale, outside the Village Diner in South Orange, NJ. Any books that are not sold are going to be donated to the "Better World Books" program, to promote literacy around the world. 

Anyone interested in getting involved can give books to any Horn Tailed Horcruxes team member, or drop them off at our practices, tournaments, or events. Check back here to see the teams progress week by week! 

 Cover Photo Credit to Kimberly Rubenstein

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