Quidditch is a full contact, co-ed sport founded at  Middlebury College in Vermont in 2005. The game is based of the sport of the same name in the Harry Potter book series by JK Rowling.  

There are seven players on the field at a time. A keeper, almost like a goalie, three chasers, who try to score with the quaffle (worth 10 points), and two beaters who throw bludgers (dodgeballs) at other players on the field. If you get hit with a bludger, you are "knocked out" and have to get off your broom and run back to your team's hoops before you're considered to be back in the game. The seventh player is the seeker, who tries to catch the snitch. 

A snitch runner is a neutral player in all yellow with a snitch tail hanging off his or her shorts. The snitch can leave the pitch, hide in the crowd, and pull all sorts of shenanigans in order to avoid the seekers. Seekers get 30 points for their team if they catch the snitch, and they also end the game.  

1) How do you play without flying?
The broom is held between your legs and acts more as a handicap than anything else. You have to keep the broom between your legs at all times, so that forces you to learn how to throw and catch with one hand. 
2) Are there other teams? Do you compete? 
Yes, there are over 300 times in existence. The Horn Tailed Horcruxes is a member of the Big Apple Quidditch Conference, and will be playing mostly in the NJ/ NYC / Long Island area. We are looking into going to regionals this year. 
3) How is everything paid for?
We have team dues of about $60. It costs $50 for you register as an individual player for the IQA, and it goes $150 for the team to register, so that is where your dues are going. Other than that, we are going to fundraise like crazy this year to pay for travel and tournament fees. 
4) Are you affiliated or representing any school? 
Nope. We're a community team. 

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